cropped-look-closer-illustrations-logo-square Welcome to the website for Look Closer Illustrations.

Looking for “Who Do I Hate?” from American Gothic with Donald and Hillary? click here

Some of these pieces are totally original works, controversial or just art-thought. Some are derivative works, where some part of the content or composition is derived from a photograph or another painting. In those instances effort is made to give credit to the reference of the piece presented here. All are intended to inspire how we can better encourage and challenge each other.

The most popular pieces available here are the Musician Portraits. Also popular, and a great gift for your favorite music-lover’s birthday, or any music-lover on your Christmas list, done from the musician portraits are the calendars. They have the biographical research and facts about each of the twelve musicians, one per month, plus a cover illustration with information about the cover. . .

All types of Commission work, especially sign painting is available.

There is also an archive of abstract work and other illustrations.