Cool Abstract Wide

Cool Abstract Wide Thumb

Cool Abstract Wide

This piece is the horizontal version of Cool Colors. In these Cool Color compositions (see the vertical version “Cool Abstract Tall”), The abstract emphasis on the science of color: warm colors raise up off the page and cool colors recede back behind the page is what the artist is wrestling with here. Yellow is a warm color, used as a background throughout the Cool Color compositions. 

So form is what causes depth in these compositions. Abstract, or unknown forms are only sacrificed to the occasional sphere. There are planes described with vanishing points, walls described with parallel lines that yield to color that polishes the forms to become almost metallic looking. 

Abstract Art, just as realistic art, is somewhat of an illusive form of art. In realism, the artist can do everything technically to describe the subject accurately, but the art is still oil on canvas, or ink on paper, or in this case, markers and colored pencils on paper. In abstract art, trying to describe depth on the page without actually describing anything specific that could be called the subject, gets impossible. So I let myself have a sphere, now and then, considering the forgiveness of the viewer. By grace, then, I call these Cool Color and Warm Color compositions, Abstract Art. 

12 x 18 Original Mixed Media Markers and Prisma Color $1200
18 x 22 Print $120

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