Running thumb


What does it feel like to run long distance? 

Remember putting one foot in front of the other? This image illustrates the monotonous rhythm of one hip pushing backward alternating with the other. The tiring pull of each foot, from firmly planting then arching forward to the next place where foothold is established. The consistent push of step by step is also a picture of life, while there are no obstacles for the runner to overcome in this illustration, there is a feeling of travel from left to right. There is a feeling of persistence, the same persistence a person experiences getting out of bed every day to go to work. Each of us has a weekend after weekend experience, whether it is partying, or church, or both. The occasion of birthday after birthday after birthday. Truly, over the course of our life, we are running, running, running.

Original Mixed Media
Markers and Prisma Color on Arches, mounted to chipboard. $750
10 x 30 Print $40

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