Warm Abstract Wide

Warm Abstract Landscape

Warm Abstract Wide

(discussion continued from Cool Abstract Tall)
This piece is the horizontal version of Warm Colors. In these Warm Color compositions (see the vertical version “Warm Abstract Tall”), the abstract emphasis on the science of color: warm colors raise up off the page and cool colors recede back behind the page is what the artist is wrestling with here. Brown is the coolest color used. Brown is used as a highlight throughout these Warm Color compositions. 

Just as is mentioned under “Cool Abstract Tall,” about the Cool Color compositions, form is what causes depth in these compositions. The compositions took almost two years to complete. For each of the four compositions, there is around 40 hours of illustration invested in the wrestling match between the artist and the science of color. The resulting proof that form can create visual depth without the contrast of warm versus cool colors,  represents a period of time, creatively that was very labor intensive for the artist. 

Concluding that both warmth and coolness are not necessary for creating depth, the life-application of the conclusion is that warm life experiences and cold life experiences both add depth to a lifetime. Warm times, cold times, life gets deeper and richer as time goes on, whether times are good or if times are bad. 

Original 12 x 18 Mixed Media
$1200 plus 99.00 sales tax
18 x 22 Print
$120 plus 9.90 sales tax

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