Bricks and Streets

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Bricks and Streets (Gentrification)

Austin has grown, despite the mantra: “Keep Austin Weird.” In 2012, the Austin Building inspection department approved 22 permits for the construction of skyscrapers. Twenty-two in one year. A skyscraper is classified as 14 stories or higher. 

While starting a family in this community, I was anxious about finding a good home. A close friend said, “Don’t worry, it’s just ‘bricks and sticks.’” “Bricks and sticks” is an expression that would go through my mind as I watched the Austin skyline change and grow. Not “just bricks and sticks,” I thought. Austin is such a big city, now it is Bricks and Streets! 

Having the forsight to move to Bastrop in 2002, it was good to be in a place where the house is still, “just bricks and sticks.” It takes the pressure off. So welcome to Bastrop . . . “just east of weird.”

11 x 14 Original Mixed Media, Graphite, Markers and Prisma Color $420
11 x 14 Print $30

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