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Lost Pine 05
(Only You can prevent Forest Fires)

Everyone has their favorite place.

When you hear the phrase, “favorite place” you remember the terrain, or furniture. Perhaps events, views, or conversations are what come to mind. Even, smells, tastes, and especially the feeling of relaxation, or inspiration create that exclusive memory of your favorite place. 

I moved to Bastrop in 2002. Before then, I would come here as often as possible. Bastrop State Park was our family go-to camping spot. 

Deer Run Camping Area was where we would schedule our tent set-up. One of the first times we camped there, we actually saw some deer right outside our tent. 

While making coffee early one morning, I whispered into the tent,. “Kids, wake up, there are some deer out here!!”

My three year-old son was mesmerized. We all were. They were calm, standing almost close enough to touch. The boy took tentative steps toward the animals, and when they did not run, he proceeded closer. He got close enough to where one of them reared up to its hind feet and started throwing punches with it’s front hooves at his head. 

It was just a warning and my son fled quickly without injury. The deer eventually ran off and we had breakfast tacos around the campfire. As everyone was working on their first mouthful of crispy campfire bacon, egg and cheese in that toasty tortilla, a familiar sound was heard. One phrase rang out through those majestic needly trees: “It don’t get any better than this.”

Our adventures there were great. Before the complex fire in 2011, the forest floor was blanketed with pine needles. Decades worth of fallen Lob-lolly Pine needles made slippery hiking. Some hillsides had a layer as deep as 10 to12 inches. We always took sheets of cardboard and would make sledding courses that would go tens of yards down the hills, between the trunks of 75 foot tall trees. 

I would tell the children stories of sledding in the snow when I was a child. How the snow in Ohio was much more slippery than the pine needles and how our courses could curve. When I would tell them how good they had it since they did not have to endure the freezing temperatures, they would say, “That’s great dad, can we go swimming now?”

18 x 24 Oil on Plywood, Framed in Yellow Pine $225
36 x 48 Oil on Plywood, Framed in Yellow Pine $775

Interested? email tobincbort@yahoo.com

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