Lily aka Lil’ Ma

Lilly Thumb

Lily aka Lil’ Ma

Pet memorials are one of the best reasons to draw.

In the fall of 2016, a good friend wanted me to draw a portrait of her daughter-in-law’s black Labrador, Lily. Lily was still alive at that time. She was active in all the family’s activities.

The illustration would be a Christmas gift. I got some links off line of some good photos that would work. The pictures had enough detail, especially in the eyes. I found out what Lilly’s birth date was and what her nickname was, Lil’ Ma. Any other details that I could discover helped me know the animal and better reveal her personality. 

The animal was aging and the gift would be a tribute to the contribution that Lil’ Ma had made to their family over the course of a life well-lived. As it turned out, Lily passed away in October. My friend asked if we could fast-track the illustration. We did. It turned into a great way to mourn the loss and celebrate the life simultaneously.

Pet Memorials start at $120


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