Educated Balance 021

Educated Balance 021

Eight panels that have a pallet of warm and cool, black and white mixed coloring. The four panels on top are portrait orientation. The four on the bottom are landscape. All eight are suspended equidistant from a neutral grey background. The background hangs equidistant from the wall. The margins and space between the color panels varies precariously as the viewer’s eye travels over the piece. The eight colored panels are edged in black except the upper left and lower right, which are edged with a light turquoise. The upper left has a medium dark brown color mixed into the pallet. The lower right panel has a medium light brown mixed in. The precarious spacing in general and the two corner panels’ different edging and different color pallet are why the piece is called “Educated Balance 021.”

$130 plus 10.72 tax

Educated Balance 021

Eight colorful panels balanced on a 14′ x 14″ square neutral background. (Shipping amount will be requested via PayPal at the appropriate time.)


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