Abbie and Cameron

For this illustration, Abbie and Cameron’s engagement photo was used as reference.
A friend of the couple wanted to get them something special as a wedding gift. Weddings during the pandemic have been difficult and awkward to plan. My daughter’s was in August. As weddings go, though, I am sure they have ALL been beautiful events that will be remembered forever. . . The difference, I believe has been weddings held during this pandemic are forced to be much smaller crowds and as a result, much more intimate events.
It was difficult to wait to post this on my website until after the wedding. It was so fun to draw this couple, especially this kiss. Why? Because the determination, attention, care, anticipation, intentionality, appreciation, and yes, intimacy Cameron shows during this kiss is obvious. Pandemic weddings have shown all of these.
I read once that all aspects of a wedding should be completely about the bride. I agree.
So, with the restrictions of the pandemic, how does the groom, family and friends of the bride, of the couple, lavish on the bride the attention due on this most important day? They’ve done the best they can.
Abbie receives Cameron’s kiss in the illustration, with enjoyment, safety, openness, security, happiness, a glimpse of the future, and yes, intimacy. Brides that have had pandemic weddings experience their most important day with ALL those aspects. We have learned that weddings are lovely with two hundred people or twenty.
Abbie is lovely.

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