Bill and Caleb adj bw thumb

and portrait from 50 years ago

How delightful, the opportunity to draw this legacy piece.

The client came to me with the portrait of the grandfather that was done from a picture taken when the grandpa was 7 years old. The grandson now seven, looks so much like the grandad when he was seven.

In order to describe this legacy visually she sent me several pictures of both people now, and a snapshot of the drawing that was done.

The grandpa was a foster child who was fortunate enough to grow up along with his brother. There were very few pictures of him growing up and the family got a drawing done for this brother from a picture taken of the two brothers together. The sketch became well known among the family, being viewed at the grandparent’s home during family gatherings, holidays, and birthday celebrations.

As the grandson got closer and closer to the age of seven, it was becoming apparent that he was his grandfather’s spitting image.

Again, I really appreciate the opportunity to render the images of both grandpa and grandson, adding the symbolic legacy of the staircase, the doorway and the two windows in the background made the statement complete.

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