Katherine and Oliver

Katherine and Oliver enjoy some serenity.

Look closer for one name and four phrases and one logo: Oliver; Best Wishes; Communications Coordinator; Serenity; Ten Years; and the Port Charlotte UMC logo.

Katherine Warden faithfully worked as the communications coordinator for ten years at Port Charlotte United Methodist Church, in Port Charlotte, Florida.
Her service was recognized by the administration and staff at the church. This illustration was a going away gift for her. The back yard at Katherine’s house is a place of serenity for her and the family pet, Oliver.

From Port Charlotte UMC’s Facebook page:
“After more than 10 years of serving at Port Charlotte UMC, our Communications Coordinator, Katherine Warden, will be leaving the PCUMC staff at the end of the month to pursue other opportunities. She has been our newsletter story teller, our webmaster, our graphic designer, our video producer and so much more. . . “

Illustrating this scene was really calming. The original photo had Oliver at a distance lying in the sun at the edge of the yard. Bringing him closer to the swing helps make the serenity experience mutual between Katherine and Oliver. The darkness of the shadows brings calm while the bright sunshine in the distance announces an endless future hope. All the green in the trees and grass communicates an abundance of life, while the solid wood of the swing and its chains tells a story of firm security of purpose. In all, this piece is one of my favorites. Having worked as a Communication Coordinator at a denominational church, I feel like I’ve known Katherine and Oliver my entire life.

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